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Too many church leaders are becoming health liabilities with stroke, heart attacks, infirmities and dying prematurely as a result of stress and not taking heed to this kind of teachings. I too made this mistake some few years back, but the Lord had mercy on me and healed me, that’s why I can bring this to you.
Some few days back, a Pastor was preaching in his church and people were really enjoying the sermon. Then suddenly he froze and had to be rushed to the hospital and had not opened his eyes as the time of writing this!
Another Pastor went to a mountain, proposing to fast for 100 days. He started and on the 31st day of the dry fast, he collapsed, started shaking, could not speak and lost the use of his hands and legs. His sugar level was finished and he is still battling with his health till now.
A Pastor was preaching vigorously and suddenly fell down from the pulpit and died there. And another Pastor went for a medical test. He is 50 years old, but the test result showed that his heart is that of an 80 year old!
All these are not spiritual attacks, but results of stress, overwork and lack of work-life balance by ministers of the gospel.
A. Scriptural Foundation – 1 Kings 19:1-4; 2 Kings 13:14-21
Being a minister is a 24/7 job. Being a Pastor is the toughest job in the whole world. And most ministers are workaholic and work-addict, which results in stress and burnout. Stress is a state/condition of tiredness, weariness, pain in the body, exhaustion, lack of sleep, rest, having emotional issues and obesity – yet you can’t stop, because there is much to do!
Here are those things that stress ministers:-
▪ Church stagnation.
▪ Financial pressure.
▪ Pressure to perform.
▪ Crowded programmes.
▪ Elephant projects.
▪ Unrealistic expectations.
▪ Emotional worries.
▪ Problematic members.
▪ Troublesome associates.
▪ Church bills/remittances.
▪ Low attendance
▪ Problems at the home front
▪ Superiors’ pressures
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