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Quite sad, that most modern Pastors and ministers are under tremendous stress as a result of these stress-inducing factors. Ministers that juggle all these together will definitely end up stressed and experience burnout.
B. The Adverse Effects of Stress And Burnout – 1 Kings 19:1-4; 1 Samuel 13:8-14
Burnout leads to loss of interest, lack of emotion, loss of motivation and possible depression.
✓ Poor health​- stroke, high or low sugar levels.
✓ Family crisis​- separation, divorce and wayward children.
✓ Unresolved conflict​- anger, hurts and terrible words.
✓ Poor performance ​- emotional depletion.
✓ Financial loss ​- debts, losses and poor decision making.
Getting angry, stressed up, hurts and becoming irrational are the outcome of stress and burnout.
C. Ministry-Life Balance – Matthew 11:28-30
It is vitally important that ministers are able to strike the much needed balance between ministry and living. If truly His yoke is easy, why are ministers experiencing being heavy laden in ministry? It is as a result of lack of balance on our part!
A balance minister must have;
▪ Emotional balance.
▪ Mental balance.
▪ Family balance.
▪ Spiritual balance.
▪ Social balance.
▪ Financial balance.
▪ Physical balance.
▪ Psychological balance.
●Keep an eye out for the final part 3.
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