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If you are not balanced in these areas, then you can’t minister successfully to others. Here are steps to achieve this balance:
1. Re-order your priorities right: God first, family second, ministry last.
2. Eat healthy foods in measures: living foods, not dead foods; and not after 6-7pm.
3. Drink alkaline or living waters.
4. Train others and delegate your work.
5. Spend time with your spouse and children.
6. Have peace with God and possess the peace of God – Isaiah 26:34.
7. Negate toxic feelings, thoughts and words.
8. Take healthy breaks to refresh yourself.
9. Take time to seek and wait upon God.
10. Exercise – walk, ride bicycle or stretch your body regularly.
11. Take time off – vacations, holidays and rest periods.
12. Learn to sleep 7-8 hours night sleep. Catch a nap in the day time.
13. Rest in the Lord to work through you – not you working for Him.
And a senior college in ministry add:
14. Surround yourself with people you can REALLY laugh with, not competitors whose only conversation is about gauging ministry achievements
15. Never isolate yourself when going through a crisis.
16. Learn that NO is a complete sentence. You can’t make others happy while making yourself miserable!
17. Recognize that it is God’s work. You are only a co-labourer not a sole-labourer. Work with Him, not for Him. What He wants done is what gets done.
18. Find out what your own “dispensation” of grace is and DO IT. Whatever is assigned is what is anointed
19. Stop trying to be popular. Cure yourself of the approval addiction
20. Become vision-driven, not project-driven
21. Supplement your diet. Most of our foods don’t provide all necessary vitamins we need daily. Get a very good multivitamin, not some cheap roadside supplements.
22. Put the past behind you. Stop living in regret. Address the issue, redress where possible. Then progress into the future
23. Drink water. Plenty. Drink about a litre early in the morning before breakfast.
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