To raise a generation that will COLLECTIVLEY pursue and turn their dreams into tangible reality.


The coordination of youth and the corporate sector around relief, empowerment and awareness programmes which otherwise would be difficult to pursue alone. This will be facilitated in conjunction with national chairs, their committees, membership and stakeholders.

Core Ethics and values

  • Love– In John 13:34-35, Jesus commanded His followers to love one another and Paul affirms it in Romans 12:10;
  • Order- From Genesis to Revelation, we see that God is a God of order, not confusion. We model this through our 7 member committees.
  • Unity- Our God is one, and He is Lord of all. Christ is not divided and where there is unity God commands a blessing.
  • Voluntary mutual submission- Jesus is our model.
  • Honesty- Christ said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We aim to follow in God’s footsteps.
  • Quality and excellence- TJG as a Christian interdenominational movement values quality and excellence knowing we are working for the Lord not for men.
  • Transparency- In all we do, transparency is important and as such we will do regular updates to our stakeholders.
  • Connectivity- We flourish when we relate to God and people, and we languish when we are disconnected. We foster this through our Social Media platforms.
  • Societal sustainability- TJG will continue to fulfil its mission over time and aims to meet the needs of its stakeholders particularly its beneficiaries and supporters. As such, sustainability will be an ongoing process rather than an end.


  • To empower disadvantaged people through school programs, recreational clubs, Bible clubs, relief programme. As well as addressing some of other needs within schools.
  • To raise awareness campaign well represented at the international Continental, Regional, National, Provincial, District, Constituency, Ward, Branch and Cell level. Become a movement that offers Relief, Humanitarian and Recreational services to impoverished youths, orphans, widows and vulnerable children.
  • To ensure Youth Development and Empowerment through the establishment of a Micro Finance institution, the TJG Holdings Company and FDI arm from Business Development Unit (BDU) and Old Mutual Money Market Fund.
  • To use our Christian Values, ensure quality and transparency which are the key delivery principles in our Vision statement


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