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Greetings, ? THE JOSHUA GENERATION INTERNATIONAL NETWORK! As we push towards our 50,000 leadership target by December 31, 2023 please find hereunder our Administrative WhatsApp platforms that are managing our 261 National WhatsApp platforms:


Pastor Ann Hubbard


International Network
Pastor Xavier Mzembi


National Ambassadors
Rev. Peter Munyoki Musyoka


National Chairpersons
Shepherd Muchero




Apostle Jean B. Habonimana


Michela Gabrie Sanquest


Pastor Kawi Kawayan

South america

Pastor Jorge Arevalo

north america

Apostle Ivo N. Nsoh


Pastor Christopher Booth Oz

Frequently asked questions

How do i become a member of the Joshua Generation International Network

There are two steps that you need to follow:

1) Visit out platforms page and join whatsapp platform for your specific country

2) Sign up for TJG membership

  • Connect to TJG website
  • When TJG page opens select Become a member.
  • The Membership checkout page opens, Select change to pick your preferred membership.

A member has an option to also make a gift, specify gift amount.

  • Create a website account, select “Create a username and password”, complete the form, Tick automatic renewals box if you want your membership to automatically renew. Submit the form.
  • Step 4 will take you to the PayPal screen where you can make a payment

After successfully making a payment your membership is confirmed.

Membership levels explained

The main purpose of the membership database is for the organisation to have an organized collection of membership information without duplication.  At present there are instances where this is happening.   When information is centrally administered information dissemination becomes easy. We have come up with 4 membership types and their varying amounts as shown below.

  1. A member will chose free membership if he or she wants to become a member and doesn’t want to contribute financially.
  2. A member will chose either General membership or Premium membership if he wants to join as a paying member. We have also configured it to accept custom amounts to enable a member to input an amount of his/her choice that is above the base minimum of that level.
  3. Those who want to partner the TJG will chose Partner. They will then be required to enter amounts of their choice
  4. If we can encourage each member to give at least $1 to $10 a month this will enable us to fulfil our purposes and make a lasting difference in peoples lives.
  5. They don’t have to be part of the 7 member committees they can sign up just as a member.
  6. Even if you already have a TJG id badge please encourage people to sign up so we have an accurate database of members.
  7. Chairs will be notified of people registering in their areas.

How can i give to support TJG work

On the home page select Donate on the menu or follow the following link

You can also sponsor specific relief or humanitarian projects. visit the following link


How can i volunteer

Keep on checking our careers page for any vacancies that might be open. The same information is also posted on all platforms so make sure you belong to any one of the platforms.

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