You can make a difference in a child’s life for just £39 – $49 per month. This amount will cover the cost of school uniform, stationery, and a nutritious meal for a child in Liberia. 🍎

Liberia is a country that has suffered a lot from civil war, Ebola, and COVID 19. These crises have left many children without access to quality education and basic needs. 😢

 – In rural areas, 65 percent of young women and 35 percent of young men aged 15-24 cannot read or write. 📚

– Only one in four young people can read a single sentence. 📝

– Only one in five children who start grade one finish grade 12. 🎓

We are working in Saclepea, a town in north-eastern Liberia that was once a centre for child soldiers. Many of these children still live there, struggling to find their place in society. The town was also badly affected by the Ebola outbreak. Half of the children in Liberia have lost one or both parents, and four out of ten children are malnourished. 😔

We have a solution: We want to provide sustainable, quality primary education for over 350 children in the first year, and 560 children in the second year. We also want to start an early years programme for the youngest ones. 👶

We will provide basic uniform, exercise books, pens and pencils to the most vulnerable children who cannot afford to go to school. We will also provide food for the children if we can raise enough funds for a kitchen. 🍽️

We will also provide clean water for the school and the community to prevent waterborne diseases. 💧

We will also offer classes to parents, caregivers and local community members at our vocational centre. They will learn literacy skills as well as technical and professional skills that will help them find jobs and support their families. 💼

You can help us make this happen by sponsoring a child today. Your donation will change a life forever. ❤️



Ndiyadzo is a village situated 50km North East of Chipinge Administration Offices in Zimbabwe. Most people in that community are peasantry farmers. Ndiyadzo community is one of the areas badly hit by Cyclone Idai in March 2019, leaving many homeless and school children without schools. Read More . 


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